Team Treed

A Stigma From The Past

The recreational and medicinal use of marijuana in the United States has exploded in recent years. Many states have began to legalize the use of cannabis both medically and recreationally leading to a new gold rush. With the age old stigma beginning to go away, the diversity of cannabis users has also greatly increased. The days of cannabis users being portrayed as a potato chip eating couch bum are coming to an end. Every day some new athlete, actor or influencer publicly admits to using cannabis. At TREED we aim to kill the stigma all together. We now know list of people who recreationally and medically use cannabis varies from politicians, professional athletes, teachers, CEOs and your everyday average Joes. The time for views on cannabis to change is now, and the only people who can change it are its users. We want to hear all of the amazing things you do while or after consuming cannabis. So come one come all tell us what you do besides sitting on the couch. It’s time to get up and get TREED. 


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