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Speciality Grinders are the new New!

Specialty High Quality Sharp 4 Piece Portable & Concealable Herbal Grinder With a Mesh Kief Filter.

Over the years, human innovation has left us with hundreds of ways to grind and shred our cannabis. From breaking it with your fingers, using dimes, a knife or even a blender the job can be done many different ways. With a TREED herbal grinder, you can easily and efficiently break down your bud without making a mess or losing any precious THC trichomes during your sesh. 

A quality grinder is mandatory for every connoisseur, whether you are enjoying a phat joint, subtle bong rip or a smooth vaporizer hit. A trusty grinder should be on stand by at all times. With hundreds of grinders on the market it can be hard to find the right one. Let us show you why so many choose to shop Treed. See why our grinders stand out and get any of your concerns or questions answered below.

TOP 5 Innovations


Why quality matters.

When smoking the best you are often times paying a premium to consume your favorite flavors and terpenes. Why waste such materials by blending them away or losing them due to inadequate tools. While there’s many ways to get the job done, let’s not cut corners and waste the beautiful bud you consume. The grinder game is evolving, now is the time to put quality first.


28 shared teeth fill the Treed grinders first and second layers. The top lid has 16 very sharp teeth that intertwine with 12 teeth on the second layer. Amongst the 12 lower teeth are 24 holes that ensure your bud falls to the next chamber. Nestled in the middle of all those lies a powerful magnet system. This magnet keeps the lid securely snug and tight. Also allowing for your material to stay fresh, fluffy & potent while inside your grinder


The easy to use interchangeable pieces provide an efficient & effortless grind. Maintaining material consistency is done with ease no matter the amount of tree that you put through a Treed grinder. By screwing together all 4 pieces you can feel relieved knowing your’re bud will be right where you left it. The top piece includes a textured grip to provide an easy smooth grind. A textured grip is applied to the top lid to provide an easier twist during operation.


With 4 pieces your cannabis travels from top to bottom allowing fluffy freshly grinded buds to sit in the third chamber. Any trichomes or thc crystals fall directly to the bottom. The aircraft grade, space tested aluminum allows for lots of durability, and long usage. Using the Treed grinder will result in a fluffy mound of finely grinded material that is immediately ready to consume after. To summarize with four pieces the stylish Treed grinder is perfect for wherever you need to sesh.


Measuring in at 63 x 47 millimeters the stylish 4 piece Treed grinder can travel with you almost anywhere. Although there’s lots of capacity to hold your material inside it still is able to fit in the average size short or jean pocket. This makes it easy to carry from sesh 2 sesh. As a result when dumping out your material you may get asked how so much fits in such a grinder…


The special mesh screen at the very bottom of the Treed grinder ensures that even the everyday person can feel like a connoisseur. This screen collects any crystals or kief that falls to the bottom. The gravity fed chamber below the screen at the bottom creates the best environment for maximum trichome retention, making sure a kief bowl is just a screw away.

Within the chamber below the filter you will find two tools to assist you with extracting your precious kief from the grinder. The first is a small shovel shaped scoop. The second is a mini guitar pick that also fits in the chamber. The pick has a dual use as a cleaning device for the threads. Nevertheless with both of these you are sure to enhance any sesh by showing off your built up kief located just below the mesh filter.

Why use a TREED Grinder?

There are many reasons to use a weed grinder but here are some reasons you should use a TREED grinder.

A BETTER BURN– Bud that is finely ground burns better than non pulverized cannabis, this is due to the fact there’s more surface area exposed to the heat source being used. Grinding your cannabis also allows for more controlled usage. 

GRINDING EFFICIENCY– When smoking on the go it can be easy to waste or lose weed trying to move so fast. With the Treed grinder’s user-friendly design you are able to cleanly and efficiently grind your weed into a consistent texture with little to no effort.

Durability– In order to withstand long term extended use the Treed grinder is forged for the everyday connoisseur. With high grade materials and safe shipping  Treed grinders are long lasting and proven to provide consistency after years of use.

Ease of use– The 4 piece Treed grinder allows for easy access to your freshly ground bud. This creates a more satisfying session, while also helping you generate a more admirable experience.

Portability- it is important to consider portability whether you are a connoisseur on the go or the occasional vacation consumer. With the great size and ergonomics the Treed grinders fit in almost any handbag or purse allowing you to take it wherever need be. The non bulky interchangeable 4 piece Treed grinder takes up little to no space in your backpack, duffle bag, or trap backpack


Team Treed

Head shops, an Exquisite past a Unique Future.

What is a head shop?

A head shop is a retail store that specializes in selling paraphernalia related to cannabis & tobacco, such as scales, bongs, papers, and TREED products. The first head shop is believed to have opened in the United States in the late 1950s, around the same time that the unique counterculture movement was at its peak.

It all started in the 50s.

The origins of the head shop can be traced back to the beatnik culture of the 1950s, which embraced cannabis use and laid the foundation for the counterculture movement of the 1960s. During this time, a number of underground “smoke shops” or “headshops” began to emerge, offering a range of products for cannabis users. These early smoke shops were often small, discreet operations that operated out of basements or back rooms.

As the counterculture movement gained momentum in the late 1960s, these smoke shops began to evolve into more mainstream head shops. head shops were typically located in trendy neighborhoods and marketed themselves as alternative lifestyle stores, offering a wide range of products for the counterculture crowd.

The head shop phenomenon quickly spread across the United States and Europe, and by the 1970s, head shops could be located in most major cities. Today, head shops continue to thrive, offering a wide range of products for cannabis enthusiasts and serving as a hub for the cannabis culture. Nowadays many head shops are referred to as smoke shops or bodegas.

What’s next?

Offering a diverse selection of products many head shops have revolutionized into convenience stores, sex shops, coffee shops and lounges. In many instances local head shops have become cannabis culture hubs showcasing underground private events, giveaways & pop ups.

As the underground cannabis movement flourishes and local trappers continue to flock to their local head shops, smoke shops, and bodegas the future is unknown.

Team Treed

A Stigma From The Past

The recreational and medicinal use of marijuana in the United States has exploded in recent years. Many states have began to legalize the use of cannabis both medically and recreationally leading to a new gold rush. With the age old stigma beginning to go away, the diversity of cannabis users has also greatly increased. The days of cannabis users being portrayed as a potato chip eating couch bum are coming to an end. Every day some new athlete, actor or influencer publicly admits to using cannabis. At TREED we aim to kill the stigma all together. We now know list of people who recreationally and medically use cannabis varies from politicians, professional athletes, teachers, CEOs and your everyday average Joes. The time for views on cannabis to change is now, and the only people who can change it are its users. We want to hear all of the amazing things you do while or after consuming cannabis. So come one come all tell us what you do besides sitting on the couch. It’s time to get up and get TREED. 

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